Wood Glue and Adhesives

We offer a wide variety of wood glues and adhesives for woodworking and product assembly professionals from Franklin and Helmitin.  These products are available in water and solvent based formulations and are packaged in 5 Gal pails and 50 Gal drums. The most popular of these products are now available for online purchasing.

Franklin Wood Glues

Frankln Adhesives & Polymers has been an industry leader in wood glues for over 70 years.  Prime  industries stocks and sells a wide selection of products under the Multibond and Titebond brand names for wood fabricating businesses.

We  have the technical expertise and support from Franklin to help you solve any of your adhesive and fabrication challenges.

Multibond Family

The Multibond family of products feature high-performance cross-linking PVA adhesives that are ideal for wide range of applications.  Typical applications radio frequency edge and face gluing of panels, squares, and components used in furniture manufacturing, as well as hot press veneering and curved plywood.

Specific Multibond attributes:

  • Multi Purpose adhesives designed for radio frequency, cold, hot press, and finger joint equipment.
  • Durability properties that withstand transport conditions
  • Specialized products that prevent bleed-through of thin or porous veneers
  • NAF and formaldehyde-free adhesives that pass all CARB and international formaldehyde-emission standards.

Multibond Products available from Prime Industries.

We have access to the entire Multibond product family and stock the following products in 5 gal pails.

Multibond 2000 – Produces a water resistant bond, recommended for hot or cold press and assembly gluing applications.

Multibond 2015 – Ideal for hot or cold press veneering and performs well for edge and face gluing in radio frequency applications

Multbond SK8 – High water resistant formulation for the manufacture of skateboards in cold press applications.

Titebond Family

The Titebond Family features high-performance aliphatic resins that are preferred by fine-furniture and cabinet manufacturers, and professional wood craftsman throughout the country. Typical applications for Titebond products include cold press panel production, face gluing of turning squares, interior decorative millwork, general assembly, bonds suitable for heat embossing and specialized products for bonding ring-porous species.

Specific Titebond family attributes: 

  • Aliphatic adhesives with superior heat and solvent resistance
  • Durability properties that exceed the needs of domestic and export transport conditions
  • Low minimum-use temperatures
  • Bonds soft wood, hard wood, MDF and particleboard
  • Excellent creep-resistance results in fewer visual defects caused by joint movement
  • Multiple viscosity options to meet woodworkers needs
  • Wide variety of products designed to provide a range of assembly times and setting speeds to meet the customer’s process needs
  • Dyed products also available

Titebond Products available from Prime Industries.

Titebond 50 – Fast-setting, heat resistant adhesive, best used in edge and face and assembly gluing

Titebond Regular – Excellent bond strength, this product is ideal for edge and face gluing and general assembly of a wide variety of wood species.