Hot Melt Sticks Logo has been a leading provider of high performance hot melt glue sticks and guns for the past 29 years!  We are proud to announce that we are now a part of Prime Industries and offer on line purchasing.

We have a wide range of hot melt glue sticks, designed for the professional user who needs superior bonding performance for the following types of projects:

  • Beverage Case and Carton Re -Pack & Repair 
  • Wood Assembly
  • General Purpose & Crafts
  • Hard-to-Bond Materials

Our selection of Professional Grade Glue Guns from SUREBONDER are designed for the industrial  user.  We offer very competitive prices and significant discounts when combined with glue stick orders.

” Re-Pack” Solutions for Beer & Beverage Distributors

A major focus for is on beer and beverage distributors. Check out our products below for all your case and carton Re-Pack needs.  We have glue sticks and guns for re-packaging at your facility and convenient hand held applicators for drivers on the go.

We are proud members of the National Beer Wholesalers Association, and are an Anheuser- Busch approved vendor for our Low Temperature hot melt product  (81-2210 LM ) and Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun. ( PRO 2-220 )


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New Product Line Addition – QuikDot Pro


We have added QuickDot Pro to our product line. The QuikDot Pro applicator and QDP adhesive dots are designed to seamlessly seal paperboard and food and beverage packaging.

They are a “must have” for all your delivery drivers that need to re seal cartons on the go without the need for unsightly tape or return to your facility.  In addition, they eliminate the temptation to use hand lighted glue sticks in the field, which is never a good idea.

Visit our Purchase Page to order and get additional information

Product Name Description Price
QuikDot Pro Applicator Hand Held Applicator $21.50
QuikDot Rolls – QDP 8100 Medium Profile  – 600 dots / roll 5.99
QuikDot Rolls – QDP 7100 Low Profile – 800 dots / roll 5.99

                                          HIGH PERFORMANCE GLUE STICKS

Product # Stick Size

 Glue Stick Description

Package Size * Price

1- 7 Boxes



8 + Boxes


81-8446-15 ½“ x 15” Very fast set speed, Good adhesion, off white color. Excellent for general purpose bonding of paper, cardboard and crafts 25 lb Box


$4.25 / lb


$4.15 / lb





½” x 10”


½” x 15”

Fast set speed, workhorse product use for corrugated packaging and woodworking applications.   Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of material other materials. Light straw color, Compare to 3M3750 25 lb Box


$3.75 / lb


$3.60/ lb


81-8576-10 ½” x 10” Low or high melt Run at 265F-400F, Excellent choice for POP displays that require a slower set and longer working times. Semi- clear color 25 lb Box


$4.05 / lb


$3.95/ lb


81-2210 LM ½” x 10” Busch Approved, Low Melt Adhesive for beverage distributors. Run at only 250F. Compare to 3M 3762LM. Best used with PRO2-220 glue guns 25 lb Box


$ 4.25 lb


$4.15/ lb


* All Sticks are packaged in 25 lb boxes 10″ sticks – approx 450 sticks/ box  15″ sticks approx 300 sticks / box

FREE SAMPLES ! – Unsure what stick to order ? Call or e-mail us for free samples to help you determine which stick works best for your materials.


                               Check out our Glue Gun Price Discounts when you order with Glue Sticks !!


 Product #  Description

 Glue Gun Features


Gun Only

Price w/ 2-7 Case Order Price w/ 8+ Case Order



High Temp

380F – 80 Watts


Melt Rate – 2.5 lbs/ Hr – Uses ½” stick, Weight – 20oz Best for low volume worK  



     FREE ! FREE !



High Temp

380F – 100 Watts


Melt Rate – 1.5 lbs/ Hr – Uses ½” stick,

Weight – 20oz Best for low volume work

$38.00 $20.00 $12.00


Low Temp

250F – 180 Watts


Melt Rate – 3.7 lbs/ Hr – Uses ½”stick,Weight – 20oz – Medium Duty usage  



$20.00 $12.00

PRO-8000 A


High Temp

400F – 200 Watts


Melt Rate – 4 lbs/Hr – Uses ½ “ stick,Weight – 20oz   – Medium Duty usage  



   $30.00 $19.00



Busch Approved

Adjustable Temp

248F-428F –220W


High or low temp applications, Melt Rate – 4 lbs/ Hr

Weight – 24 oz – Adjustable Trigger stroke

Good Gun for high volume, multi-temp usage




$60.00 $39.00

PRO 9700

Adjustable Temp

248F-428F – 300W

High or low temp applications, Melt Rate – 4 lbs/ Hr

Weight – 24 oz – Adjustable Trigger stroke

Best Gun for high volume, multi temp usage