What is the Best Waterproof Wood Glue?

What is the Best Waterproof Wood Glue?

What is the Best Waterproof Wood Glue?

Think about the wooden table that’s on your patio or the skateboard deck that’s in your garage, or the exterior door you want to build.  What do these items have in common?  Most likely, they’re put together with wood glue that is designed for exterior applications.

Waterproof and water resistant wood glues helps keep wood and other materials together even when exposed to water, making them beneficial for several applications in our daily lives. If you’re researching the best waterproof wood glue let’s learn about the basics and what you need to look for.

Waterproof Wood Glue Basics

What’s there to know about waterproof wood glue? It’s waterproof and it sticks wood together, that’s all you need right? If you’re looking for bonding that lasts there are a few different things to consider when buying the best waterproof wood glue.

Types of Wood Glue

  • Cross-Linking PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate ) – Cross-linking PVA is the most common wood glue chemistry in the industry.  PVA’s are used for a wide variety of wood bonding situations and come in numerous formulations for specific fabrication and end use purposes.  PVA glues are designed dry porus wood surfaces.  They absorb into the wood and cure by evaporation.   In order for PVA glue to be water resistant or waterproof, manufacturers add additional polymers designed to give them this added performance benefit. PVA wood glues are reasonably priced and are widely available.

  • Polyurethane – Polyurethane-based wood glue is used in dozens of different applications thanks to its watertight qualities and strong bond. Polyurethane has many great advantages as an adhesive including ability to bond both porous and non-porous materials.  Polyurethane glues are moisture cured, requiring no air to cure, and superior bonding. Because it requires no air, polyurethane glues can be used for applications where the wood will be submerged.

  • Construction Glue – Many construction glues are made of polyurethane or combinations of polyurethane and other adhesives. As the name implies, construction glues are designed for general construction bonding and not for finished applications like furniture, doors and cabinetry.

What Can You Use Waterproof Wood Glue For?

Industrial waterproof wood glue is used for a variety of commercial and industrial woodworking purposes. You can use waterproof wood glue in place of any industrial wood glue but most often in situations where the wood is likely to get wet.

  • Skateboard decks – Waterproof wood glue is perfect for making skateboard decks. The modern skateboard deck is a series of wooden plies sandwiched together in a cold lamination press. Waterproof wood glue is coated on every layer for superior adhesion even if the board gets wet.

  • Furniture – Waterproof is fantastic for outdoor wood furniture and other furniture likely to be affected by moisture. You can use waterproof wood glue for home projects and larger industrial operations.

How are water resistant and waterproof glues identified?

Luckily, a wood glue manufacturer can’t just slap the phrase “Waterproof” on a bottle and claim it keeps everything out. There are standards and methods used to test waterproof qualities like American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) qualifications. ASTM and ANSI are third-party material testing companies that certify a variety of industrial tools and materials to certain abilities or quality standards. ASTM and ANSI certifications insure you that when you buy wood glue labelled waterproof, that it is truly is waterproof to a qualifying standard.

There are 3 general designations for PVA wood glues that identify their water resistant capabilities.

  • Type I – This is the designation for a glue that is waterproof
  • Type II - This is the designation for glue that is water resistant
  • Type III – this glue is for interior applications only.

Note: Neither Type I or Type II glues are designed for situations where the wood is continuously submerged in water.

What is the Best Waterproof Wood Glue?

The best waterproof wood glue is one that is designed for your situation and will give you a strong bond for an affordable price. There are many great waterproof wood glue brands on the market with Franklins’ Titebond and Multibond brands being the most recognized. 

Franklin Multibond SK8 Glue

Franklin Multibond SK8 Glue is a fantastic multi-purpose waterproof wood glue. As the name implies, SK8 glue is the perfect adhesive for bonding skateboard decks together but this great glue is useful for any wet applications like outdoor furniture, construction, and woodworking projects. Multibond SK8 glue is rated as ASTM D-4317 Type 1 so you know it can handle moisture without failing. For the price, Franklin Multibond SK8 is one of the best value waterproof wood glues out there.

Bond for Life with the Best Waterproof Wood Glue

When looking for a great waterproof wood glue you want one that will match your work, won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and is third-party tested to prove its waterproofing abilities. There are a few different glues that match those rules, but our vote is for Franklin’s Multibond SK8 Glue thanks to its affordability and versatility. Whatever your project, do your research, weigh cost vs benefits, and create a bond that lasts with the right waterproof wood glue.