Top Nordson Sealant Equipment

If you’re in the manufacturing industry your livelihood depends on high quality tools and adhesives. The best tools and products make for a more efficient job, a better finished product, and more money in your pocket - which is why manufacturers have trusted Nordson since 1954.

Nordson has been manufacturing adhesives, coatings, sealants, and the tools to apply them for decades and has become one of the industry’s top names. If you’re only now learning about Nordson equipment, let’s get a picture of the company, what types of products they make, and how Prime Industries can help you get your hands on the best Nordson products and service.

With a combination of Nordson equipment and Prime Industries you’ll be ready to tackle a variety of woodworking, upholstery, and other projects with the best tools and the best support.

More About Nordson Products

Nordson Melters – Most industrial adhesives need to be heated for use which is accomplished through industrial melters. Nordson produces a variety of gun and hose connections to help you customize a hot melt system that’s perfect for your unique job. Nordson smelters are popular thanks their ease of use, efficiency, and easy maintenance requirements.

The most popular of Nordson melters includes the AltaBlue Touch Series for delicate operations like gluing woven fabrics and the ProBlue Melter for large-scale application

Nordson Hoses – Industrial glues are hot, messy, and obviously sticky so you need a top-end industrial hose that’s easy to clean and can move hot melt through the system quickly. Nordson produces top-end multi-layer hot melt hoses that improve the health of your equipment and keeps the operator safe.

Nordson Applicators – If you have your Nordson melter and hose you need a Nordson applicator to finish things off. Nordson makes both pneumatic and electric hot melt applicators for an array of different industry and processes.

Nordson applicators provide clean lines and cutoffs no matter the pattern and always provide the right amount of glue with customized settings. With a Nordson applicator you’ll breeze through both detailed and large-scale projects.

Other great Nordson equipment includes nozzles, fill tanks, fill systems, and pattern controllers.

Where To Get Nordson Equipment in Colorado and Wyoming

Prime Industries

Prime Industries is the exclusive authorized Nordson service provider and sales agent for both Colorado and Wyoming. If you have any questions about installation, service, purchase, or what type of Nordson adhesive works best for your job you can contact Prime for fantastic customer service and great products.

Best Nordson Products from Prime Industries

Prime is an expert on several Nordson products and equipment. Some of Prime’s best Nordson equipment includes:

  • ProBlue Flex Melter – Ultra precise adhesive dispensing and real-time technical support help the ProBlue to be one of the top melters in the industry. The ProBlue starts up fast, is energy efficient, and adaptable to many uses.
  • AtlaBlue Melter – Connects with 15-to-50-liter melter tanks and handles up to six applicators for breezing through your production goals. The AltaBlue is programmable for different applicators and industry.
  • DuraBlue II Melter – Perfect for low to mid speed production lines, the DuraBlue is about quality over quantity. The DuraBlue covers several types of industries including carpentry and upholstery. A control panel let’s you program the DuraBlue for different melts and methods.
  • Standard Hose – Available in high-flex and waterwash versions. Nordson’s standard hose is tough, safe, and ready for a ton of different uses.
  • PureFlow Hose – The PureFlow system works with RediFlex mounting system for drastically reduced adhesive degradation and minimal waste. You’ll enjoy not wasting time clearing clogs and losing product with the PureFlow.
  • MiniBlue II Applicator – The MiniBlue II boasts the longest service life of any pneumatic glue gun on the market. Upgrading to a MiniBlue means fewer materials costs, fewer manhours per task, and superior product longevity.
  • EcoBead Applicator – Design for short intermittent beading patterns, the EcoBead can save you big money with its reduced material usage and waste. The EcoBead can be programmed with 40 preset and 20 customizable programs for quick switch over no matter what your crew is working on.

Other great Nordson products from Prime Industries include the FulFill fill system, the Spectra 30 Pattern Controller for perfect application, and a variety of color-coded Saturn nozzles that help you make quick and easy replacements.

Getting the Most with Prime Industries and Nordson Equipment

Nordson makes some of the best industrial adhesive equipment on the market but you need a solid representative to tell you more about products and help you with any purchase or service questions. Prime Industries is Nordson’s exclusive sales agent and service provider for Colorado and Wyoming customers making them the go-to for any purchases or questions.

If you’re opening a fabrication plant or are ready to upgrade your current equipment, get in contact with Prime Industries. We’re ready to talk equipment, industries, and get you matched with the right Nordson equipment today.