How to Find Replacement Parts for Nordson Hot Melt Equipment

Replacement Parts for Nordson Hot Melt Equipment

All hot melt equipment needs periodic maintenance and service that may require replacement parts to keep it running at peak efficiency.

If you own Nordson equipment, we recommend that you use genuine Nordson parts for the repair.  Genuine Nordson parts reduce costs over the long term and extend the life of your adhesive dispensing machines.

Where to Find Nordson Replacement Parts

There are a number of companies that offer replacement parts for Nordson equipment. Of course, to convince customers to go with non-genuine parts they must offer these parts for less money than Nordson parts. The question that always remains is, are these parts equal in all aspects and performance to parts made by the original manufacturer?

Additional questions to ask and considered are whether using non-Nordson parts will void any warranty provisions that came with the original equipment. Also, will the non-OEM parts last as long as genuine parts?

OEM vs Replica Nordson Parts

Don't be fooled by claims that cheaper non-Nordson manufactured parts will provide equal performance to genuine Nordson parts.  It is also important to be aware of aftermarket component manufacturers misrepresenting their products as genuine Nordson replacement parts. Often times, it may be unclear if the company is an authorized representative or authorized dealer.

Using non-Nordson or non-approved repair or replacement parts can be detrimental to safe and proper operation, and may affect coverage by your insurance carrier.

Authroized Nordson Dealer

Prime Industries supplies is an authorized dealer for genuine Nordson equipment and parts.  We sell and install service kits that keep your hot melt systems running at optimum performance. We stand behind our service work and will ensure your equipment is running at the level it was designed to be.

On a typical service call we will review your entire manufacturing process and maintenance processes.  If replacement parts are required, we may have them in stock. If not, we will help order the correct parts and install them when they arrive.

We partner with Nordson technical support personnel to provide a full range of services that help our customers design, install, operate, and maintain their equipment.

Hot Melt Adhesive

In addition to Nordson glue dispensing equipment, we have helped our customers with bulk hot melt adhesives for over 20 years. We have a wide range of bulk hot melt adhesives from Henkel, IFS DuraPro, and Bostik that solve almost any adhesive challenge.  Our onsite demo melters are available to conduct trial runs using your materials in your facility or ours.  Call us for more details.

Colorado and Wyoming

Prime Industries is the exclusive authorized Nordson service and sales agent for Colorado and Wyoming. We offer local design expertise, installation, and service coupled with the best adhesive for your application to provide a complete package. Nordson’s hot melt glue dispensing equipment will apply adhesives, sealants, and coatings in a variety of patterns for packaging and product assembly.