Fast Tack Spray Adhesive vs. 3M 74 and Camie 313

Fast Tack Spray Adhesive

Fast Tack Spray Adhesive vs. 3M 74 and Camie 313

The modern world is stuck together. Look around any room and you can bet the stuff in it is held together with modern bonding and adhesives like Prime Fast Tack Spray Adhesive . If you’re taking on household upholstery projects or looking for superior bonding on a large scale, you need to learn about available spray adhesives and what they do.

Let’s learn more about Prime Fast Tack Spray Adhesive and how it compares to other products like 3M 74 and Camie 313. With the right product you can keep your project together with ease.

What Does Fast Tack Adhesive Spray Do?

Sometimes household glues and tapes aren’t cut out to keep things together. When you really need things to stick, especially upholstery and fabrics, you need a product like Fast Tack Spray Adhesive. Fast Tack is engineered for easy and tidy application, flexible bond lines to avoid breaks or rips, and low soak-in to keep the adhesive on the surface where it needs to be.

Fast Tack Spray Adhesive Uses

Fast Tack Adhesive is comparable to Camie 313 and 3M 74 in that it’s primarily designed for use in upholstery fabrics and foams. Fast Tack provides excellent grip and long-lasting bonding whether you’re re-foaming some worn out cushions or attempting to seal two torn pieces of fabric. On top of upholstery fast tack applications, adhesive spray can be used for:

  • Woodworking – Fast tack is usable on wood surfaces
  • Crafts and hobbies – You can use Fast Tack for sewing or wood crafts projects
  • Soundproofing – Use Fast Tack to insulate a room with foam panels

Unlike 3M’s 74 and Camie 313, Prime Industries is extremely affordable for a homeowner trying to repair an old sofa up to industrial upholstery production.

Fast Tack Adhesive Spray Qualities

  • Quick Adhesion – Adhesive wait times are a pain in the butt but as the name implies, fast tack adhesive works quickly and efficiently. The fast tack properties can shave hours off household projects and literal days when used in large-scape applications.
  • Low Soak-In – Adhesives that soak through fabric and foam can prematurely age and possibly ruin the finished project. Low soak qualities keep the adhesive on the surface where it should be.
  • Flexible Bond – In the flexible and cushiony world of upholstery a flexible bond is critical. Upholstery and fabric move, bend, and absorb, so they need a flexible bond to move along with them. Prime’s flexible bond technology will hold strong for years without rips and tears.
  • Lace Spray Pattern – The lace spray pattern provides great surface area coverage and superior bonding. You won’t need to spread any adhesive by hand or run multiple lines of glue for excellent adhesion. The lace pattern is ideal for bonding foams and fabrics.
  • Clear – All Prime Industries Fast Tack is clear and won’t ruin any color patterns or bleed through upholstery.

Finding the Right Type of Spray Adhesive

You have a few good choices in upholstery sprays including 3M 74, Camie 313, and Prime Fast Tack Spray Adhesive, though Prime Fast Tack is one of the most affordable on the market. Order Prime Fast Tack adhesive spray today and keep your world together.