Best Table Saw Lubricant

Table Saw Lubricant

Table saws are amazing tools that can help you construct almost anything, but only if they are working correctly. If you are noticing that your table saw isn't performing the way that it used to, you may be dealing with a blade that has a buildup on it. When working with blades in that capacity, you'll find that your cuts are not as precise and that materials can be damaged much easier.

Thankfully, there are a couple of different types of table saw lubricants that can reverse that and bring back the performance of your table or circular saw. Let's take a look at a couple of our favorites:

Bostik BladeCote

Bostik BladeCote is a lubricant for table saws that will reduce not only the friction that you may be experiencing but also prevent a buildup of both pitch and resin. It is quite easy to use this lubricant. All you need to do is spray a thin coat onto the blade and let it dry for a few seconds. It is usually best to repeat this process after a few cuts, to ensure that the entire blade is covered. After that, daily use is recommended unless your workload is heavy, or you are using a material that is more difficult to cut. In those scenarios, you may need to apply this product more often.

Some reasons we prefer Bostick BladeCote:

  • Reduces the heat from the blade, up to thirty percent, as well as friction when cuts are being made
  • Your saw blade will have a longer life expectancy, up to three times the average
  • A resin will build up less frequently
  • This product is not made with any silicone or petroleum oil
  • There is no saw drag when this lubricant is used regularly
  • The lubricant will not become gummy over time, even after you have applied several coats
  • This lubricant will not stain wood, nor will it interfere with any other finishes or glue that is used
  • Will work on all types of blades including carbide stellite, steel, and diamond tipped

Bostik GlideCote

Bostik GlideCote is another table saw lubricant that assists with the regular maintenance. Once this lubricant is applied, you will see a significant drop in the friction of all metal, plastic, and laminate materials. A quick application will have you using your table saw without issues, and you can keep it that way by reapplying the GlideCote at regular intervals.

There are a few benefits to using this lubricant for table saws, and they include:

  • Prevents hang-ups from occurring on the sliding surface of your table saw
  • This product does not contain any petroleum oils or silicone
  • This lubricant is thirty percent more slippery than paste wax, ensuring a better slide
  • Easier to apply than paste wax and a much faster application too
  • This lubricant last three times longer than paste wax every time it is applied
  • After numerous applications, you will still not see a buildup of this lubricant
  • Wooden finishes can never be damaged, and other materials will not stain from use of this lubricant.

Both of these Botsik lubricants have been designed to keep your table saw working smoothly. Contact us for more information about your adhesive or lubrication needs.