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Top Nordson Sealant Equipment

If you’re in the manufacturing industry your livelihood depends on high quality tools and adhesives. The best tools and products make for a more efficient job, a better finished product, and more money in your pocket - which is why manufacturers have trusted Nordson since 1954. Nordson has been manufacturing...

How to Find Replacement Parts for Nordson Hot Melt Equipment

All hot melt equipment needs periodic maintenance and service that may require replacement parts to keep it running at peak efficiency. If you own Nordson equipment, we recommend that you use genuine Nordson parts for the repair.  Genuine Nordson parts reduce costs over the long term and extend the life...

How to Choose a Hot Glue Gun

When it comes to sticking things together there aren’t many better options than a great industrial glue gun. Industrial glue guns are useful for furniture assembly, upholstery, general carpentry, and a host of other applications. If you’re looking to buy your first industrial glue gun or are ready to upgrade to professional quality equipment - this article will show you how to choose a hot glue gun as an industrial user?

What is the Best Waterproof Wood Glue?

What is the Best Waterproof Wood Glue? Think about the wooden table that’s on your patio or the skateboard deck that’s in your garage, or the exterior door you want to build.  What do these items have in common?  Most likely, they’re put together with wood glue that is designed...

Fast Tack Spray Adhesive vs. 3M 74 and Camie 313

The modern world is stuck together. Look around any room and you can bet the stuff in it is held together with modern bonding and adhesives like Prime Fast Tack Adhesive Spray. If you’re taking on household upholstery projects or looking for superior bonding on a large scale you need to learn about available adhesives and what they do.

Methacrylate Adhesives

Methacrylate adhesives are more commonly known as MMA adhesives or acrylic adhesives. This adhesive is quite strong due to its two-part reactive qualities, which is a resin and hardener, where it acts as a strengthening agent. Alone, this adhesive would be brittle, yet hard. However, once it is combined with a modifier, this structural adhesive is strong and even flexible.

What is the Best Spray Adhesive?

Searching for the best spray adhesives for your next project? Look no further. Here are the top 5 spray adhesives you can buy online.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cyanoacrylate is a type of adhesive that is an acrylic monomer that turns into plastic once it has cured. It is essential that those who use any type of cyanoacrylates take caution before, during, and after the application process.  Anyone who does not follow these steps carefully may find themselves with a problem that is difficult to reverse.