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Methacrylate Adhesives

Methacrylate adhesives are more commonly known as MMA adhesives or acrylic adhesives. This adhesive is quite strong due to its two-part reactive qualities, which is a resin and hardener, where it acts as a strengthening agent. Alone, this adhesive would be brittle, yet hard. However, once it is combined with a modifier, this structural adhesive is strong and even flexible.

What is the Best Spray Adhesive?

Searching for the best spray adhesives for your next project? Look no further. Here are the top 5 spray adhesives you can buy online.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cyanoacrylate is a type of adhesive that is an acrylic monomer that turns into plastic once it has cured. It is essential that those who use any type of cyanoacrylates take caution before, during, and after the application process.  Anyone who does not follow these steps carefully may find themselves with a problem that is difficult to reverse.

Common Problems for Wood Lamination Projects

We often receive questions from customers when they want information or have problems with their laminated wood projects. These include panel-on-frame, veneer/solid core, or high-pressure lamination type of projects. We discuss several issues that can arise, probable causes, and recommended solutions.

Case & Carton Repackaging in the Beverage Industry

Case and carton damage before and during delivery to the final consumer is an ongoing problem for beverage distributors. In an industry where brand identification on the crowded store shelf is critical for success, there is no tolerance for any package damage. In this article, we discuss common product damage problems that beverage distributors face and ways to economically repack products for consumer use.

Best Table Saw Lubricant

Table saws are amazing tools that can help you construct almost anything, but only if they are working correctly. If you are noticing that your table saw isn't performing the way that it used to, you may be dealing with a blade that has a buildup on it. Thankfully, there are a couple of different types of table saw lubricants that can reverse that and bring back the performance of your table or circular saw.

Everything You Need to Know About Structural Adhesives

What are Structural Adhesives? There is a common misconception that sealants and structural adhesives are the same, but that couldn't be further from the truth. A structural adhesive cures, or hardens, and permanently bonds the two pieces. A sealant, on the other hand, acts as a filler instead. That filler...

Bostik Bearing Lubricant vs. WD-40

There are countless degreasers, lubricants, cleaners, and solvents on the store shelf. How the heck do you know which one is right for your project? While there several brands and types of oil-based agents, two of the most popular are Bostik Bearing Lubricant and WD-40. While the two products seem...